Parking in Niagara Falls can be challenging, depending on the time of year you visit. When it comes to the busy summer months, it is a good idea to plan ahead as you can save some money and, more importantly, time. I have lived and worked in and around Niagara Falls for much of my life, and I will give you all my parking secrets so you can make the best go at visiting Niagara Falls

This guide will break down parking on both sides of the border. We will start off with parking on the American side of the border in Niagara Falls USA first and then go on to the Canadian side of the border in Niagara Falls Ontario. You can jump right to the canadian side here, but first consider our first tip.

Secret Tip: Walking across the Rainbow Bridge can help avoid parking issues and make your visit more enjoyable. You can save time and money by taking a short walk across the bridge, whether you’re on the American or Canadian side. This is a great option for visitors staying in Canadian and American hotels as well as day-trippers who want to just park one time for the day. Check out our article on Walking Across the Rainbow Bridge for more information.

With our guide, we will help you find the best parking spots in Niagara Falls. We will also go over some ideas that can save you hours of valuable time and hopefully save a few dollars too. We have put together all parking options, including parking at Niagara Falls State Park, Maid of the Mist Parking, Goat Island parking, City of Niagara Falls NY Lots, ramps, street parking, private parking, and free parking options.

Map of Niagara Falls, New York Parking Options

We have listed 11 parking lots that are best for visitors to Niagara Falls, NY. There is also street parking available, with many of the spots just a short walk from the attractions.

Niagara Falls NY parking Map.
Niagara Falls, NY parking Map

Overview of Parking Options Niagara Falls NY

If you want to park as close as possible to Niagara Falls and the attractions, your best option is to try to park in the Niagara Falls State Park in Parking Lot 1 or 2. I always park in the State Park if spots are available because you will be very close to the falls and the attractions.

Best Parking Option: Plan to spend $15 or less to get a parking spot in Niagara Falls State Park. Parking Lot 4 is Free and Parking Lot 3 is Free on many days or $10 on busy weekends.

The City of Niagara Falls also has three surface parking lots, a parking ramp, and metered street parking.

Quick Tips:

If you can’t get into Lot 1 (Niagara Falls Visitor Center Lot 1 / Maid of the Mist), try street-metered parking if you will be under 4 hours on either Old Main Street or Buffalo Av. (credit card or Flowbird Mobile App)
If Lot 1 is full, you can also try One Niagara Welcome Center (at 360 Rainbow Blvd); they offer a competitive parking price and take cash or Credit.

Niagara Falls State Park Parking Lots

Niagara Falls State Park has four parking lots. The Niagara Falls Visitor Center Parking Lot 1 and Goat Island Parking Lot 2 are the best parking lots for viewing the Fall and attractions. The Park also has free and reduced-price parking at Lots 3 and 4.

Sign for Maid of the Mist parking on Prospect St., Niagara Falls NY

Niagara Falls Visitor Center Parking Lot 1

362 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY.

Rate: $10 from Monday to Thursday and $15 from Friday to Sunday.

Maid of the Mist Parking

Located at the base of the Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls Visitor Center parking Lot 1, or Prospect Point Parking Lot, sits just on the edge of downtown Niagara Falls NY. This is the parking lot for the Maid of the Mist boat tour, the Niagara Falls Park Visitor Center, Observation Tower, and Prospect Point.

Walk Across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada

You can also use The Visitor Center parking lot if you want to park and walk across the border to Canada on the Rainbow International Bridge. The sidewalk entrance for the Rainbow Bridge is inside parking lot 1.

Located at the corner of Prospect Street and Mayor Michael O’Laughlin Dr, Lot 1 has about 250 parking spots. The best address to use for Lot 1 is 362 Prospect Street, Niagara Falls, NY, or the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, NY, in your map app, and you will be very close.

Lot 1 operates year-round, 7 days a week, with exceptions on Thanksgiving (11/23), Christmas (12/25), and New Year’s Day (1/1)

Please note that lot 1 is for automobiles only. There’s no provision for RV or bus parking (RVs can use lot 3 on Goat Island). Payment is accepted via credit card only.

Parking lot 1 fills up fast. Do not be surprised to see the “Lot Full Sign” as you approach the lot. But that’s ok. You can use the City Parking ramp at 365 Rainbow Blvd, or the One Niagara Welcome Center lot, both just 1 block to the East.

Lot 1 fills up fast during warmer months. If you plan to use lot 1, it is best to get here early in the day.

State Parking Lot Payment Kiosks

At the entrance to parking lot 1 and parking lot, 2 are automated credit card payment kiosks.

These systems do not take cash, and they are Credit Card Only, (with the exception being for those who have the Empire Pass or use the Golden Pass Program)

Entrance to Niagara Falls Visitor Center Parking Lot 1, Niagara Falls NY

Insert Your Credit Card in Top Right Card Reader, and the Gate Will Open. The Other Readers are for Park Passes

Images of payment Kiosk at Parking Lot one

New York State Park Passes

New York State Park Pass Holders

Empire Pass
If you have a New York State Park Empire Pass or Liberty Pass, you are able to use these passes to Park in the State Park. Hold the Pass up against the Empire Pass scanner located under the large “NO CASH ACCEPTED” decal. The light on the scanner will turn green and the gate will open.

If you have a Digital Empire Pass, open the app and scan your QR code under the scanner labeled “DIGITAL EMPIRE PASS”

Golden Pass Program
For residents of New York State over the age of 62 and who have a driver’s license or a Non-Driver ID card, you can park for free Monday -Friday (except holidays) under the Golden Pass Program. Turn your license over and slide your card onto the help below the scanner so it can read the bar code.

For Help at the Gate

Most of the time, there is an attendant close by watching over the kiosk payment process. They will help you out if they see you are stuck.

If you have cars backing up behind you and no one is coming to help, press the silver button above the “PRESS FOR HELP” decal on the bottom right of the kiosk and they can assist or open the gate remotely.

Goat Island Parking -Lot 2

Goat Island Rd. Niagara Falls, NY

Cave of the Winds and Terrapin Point Parking

The rate is $10 from Monday to Thursday and $15 from Friday to Sunday.

Located on Goat Island, Parking Lot 2 has about 350 parking spots. For your directions, you can use the address: Goat Island Road in Niagara Falls, NY. The parking lot is the best for the Cave of the Winds, Terrapin Point and the Horseshoe Falls, Luna Island, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. Goat Island is also a great place for a picnic or dine at the Top of the Falls restaurant.

Getting to Goat Island Parking Lot 2

From the City of Niagara Falls, take 1st Street across the Goat Island Bridge into Niagara Falls State Park and follow the signs for parking.

Goat Island is located at the end of 1st. Street in Niagara Falls NY

Once on Goat Island, follow the signs for Parking. If you want to use Parking Lot 3, follow the “Exit and Thru Trafic” arrow to bypass Lot 2. If you have an RV, also follow the “Exit and Thru Traffic” sign for RV Parking in Lot 3

Goat Island Rd. Niagara Falls NY

Goat Island has the same payment method as mentioned above for Lot 1. Use the Kiosk to pay by credit card or Pass as you enter the parking lot.

Empire Pass and Golden Pass are also accepted here. An attendant is usually close by, but if you get stuck at the kiosk, use the silver button to call for assistance, and they can help with the gate.

Entrance to Lot 2 on Goat Island

If Parking Lot 2 happens to be full, you can head over to Parking Lot 3, located on the east end of Goat Island.

Goat Island Parking- Lot 3

Parking lot 3 is an overflow lot for parking lot 2. The lot is also used as an RV parking lot. It is fairly normal to be able to park for free in this lot during most of the year and attendants seem to be on duty during the busy summer weekends. It can be hit or miss as far as getting a free spot but the most it will ever cost for a car is $10 to park all day.

If you bring bikes with you to Niagara Falls, lot 3 is an Ideal place to base your car. There are also great picnic spots nearby, and Three Sisters Islands is a short walk.

The Niagara Falls Scenic Trolly also stops at lot 3, and during the summer months, there is a person at the Trolly ticket booth during the day. If you are going to walk back over to view the falls, visit Terrapin Point or the Cave of the Winds, it is about a 10-15 minute walk or about 3/4 of a mile.

RV Parking

RV, and Bus Parking in Lot 3

-Lot 3 is open to most types of vehicles, including RVs, Buses, Omnibus, and Campers.
-No RVs or Trailers over 40 feet in length.
-RV Parking is limited on busy days.
-No overnight parking is allowed.

Parking Lot 4: Niagara Gorge / Schoellkopf Site Elevator

Discovery Way, Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Gorge Hiking Trails Parking

Parking lot 4 has about 100 free parking spots. This parking lot is located at the location of the former Schoellkopf Power Station Ruins Site.

At this location, there is an elevator that can be taken to the bottom of the Niagara Gorge. Parking lot 4 is a good place to park if you want to hike The Gorge Trails; then, rather than walk the steps back to the top of the Gorge, you can take the elevator back to the top. See this Youtube video on Hiking the Gorge Trails for more information.

The Discover Niagara Shuttle makes a stop at Schoellkopf Power Station Ruins Site on weekends May 26 – Oct 9) and every day from June 23- September 4 ). See Discovery Shuttle Website for Details )

The Niagara Scenic Trolly will begin to stop again at this location after the remodel of the Niagara Falls Visitor Center is complete in June 2023

Map of Niagara Falls, NY City Parking Lots

City of Niagara Falls Parking

City Parking Ramp (Lot 5)

365 Rainbow Blv., Niagara Falls NY

$20 a day Monday-Thursday, and $30 Friday to Sunday and Holidays.

The City of Niagara Falls Offers parking at the City ramp at 365 Rainbow Blvd. This ramp is also called the “Rainbow Ramp” This ramp is one block from the Niagara Falls Visitor Center lot 1 and an easy walk to Niagara Falls State Park

As you pull in, you can check to see if the One Niagara Welcome Center lot has a better rate in their outside lot. The City also has three surface lots located downtown. These lots are also priced at $20-$ 30 per day

City Parking Lots

Rate $20 ( Monday -Thursday) to $30 per day (Friday-Sunday and Holidays)

The City also has three surface lots located at the following locations:

Niagara Street lot -Between First St. & Third St. (Lot 6)

Niagara Street Lot is located between 1st. and 3rd. at 384 3rd Street, Niagara Falls, NY. Watch for the Sheraton Hotel and Rainforest Cafe signs.

Niagara Street Lot is located at 384 3rd. Street next to the Sheraton Hotel and Rainforest Cafe. The lot is a little farther out from the Falls, so you will be walking about 1/2 mile to the Maid of the Mist elevator.

Third Street lot at 256 Third St. (Lot 7 )

Located at 256 third street. This lot is on the back side of the Convention Center. Walking from this lot is a bit of a hike.

Rainbow lot -Corner of First St. & Rainbow Blvd. (Lot 8)

The Rainbow Lot is a good choice if you will be walking over to Goat Island. Located on 1st Street and Rainbow Blvd, you are only a block from the Niagara Falls State Park Entrance on 1st Street. Look for the ANCHOR BAR or ARCADE sign.

All Niagara Falls city lots have pay stations. The Stations take Credit cards or Flowbird mobile app.

Street Parking in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls city street parking uses ticket meters assigned to zones. Most street parking close to Niagara Falls State Park will have metered parking. The meters charge an hourly rate of $5 per hour. They normally only allow you to book 4 hours at a time. The meters take credit cards and the mobile Flowbird App.

Across the street from the Red Coach Inn are 20 metered parking spots. It is just a 5-10 minute walk to the Maid of the Mist or Goat Island.

You can find some very good spots on Old Main Street across from the Red Coach Inn, Buffalo Av., and Rainbow Av.

Metered pay stations are $5 an hour during the summer.

Additional Parking Options

A few remaining options for parking.

Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino – Lot 9

Seneca Casino offers paid self-parking and $5 Valet

Address: 310 4th St, Niagara Falls, NY

-Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino offer several parking options, including 5$ valet parking. See the Seneca Niagara Parking page here.

Aquarium of Niagara- Lot 10

The Aquarium of Niagara has $5 parking available.

One Niagara Welcome Center- Lot 11

Parking rates at One Niagara Welcome Center can change throughout the day. Plan to pay $10 to $25 for all-day parking.

Located across the street from the City Ramp at 360 Rainbow Blvd, the One Niagara Welcome Center is a privately owned facility that offers parking daily. The lot attendant will take cash or you can use a credit card at the payment kiosk at the front of the building. The price to park will go up as soon as the State Park Lot 1 (Maid of the Mist Parking lot) is full. Plan to pay between $10 to $25 for all-day parking.

Use Designated Parking Spots

NYS Park Police will write tickets if you park outside designated parking spots. Parking on the grass anywhere in Niagara Falls State Park can get you a ticket, as this visitor will soon find out.

The New York State Park Police keep a close watch for cars that do not use the designated parking spots. Plan on a ticket if you leave your car in a non-designated spot.

The Falls are illuminated every evening and a short fireworks display runs nightly from mid-May until early October each year. Niagara Falls and fireworks -deposit photos 18987507

Parking for the Night Illumination of the Fall and Fireworks

If you are visiting Niagara Falls State Park to see the Illumination of the Falls and the Fireworks, ( see Falls Illumination and Fireworks Schedule here), you will want to park in Niagara Falls State Park in Parking Lot 1 or Parking Lot 2. The State Parks only charge for parking until a certain time each evening.

During the busy tourist season, the parking lots continue to charge for parking into the evening hours. What time the park stops charging depends on the given month and day of the week. In general, between June and October, the lots will stop charging between 8 pm and 10 pm in the evening. You can follow this link to the State Park parking page and check your specific day to see what time the parking lot gates will open for the evening for free parking.

Free Parking Options in Niagara Falls NY

Niagara Falls State Park Parking Lot # 3 on Goat Island. Most time of the year, you can park for free in lot #3. Upon entering Goat Island, bypass the first parking lot and follow the signs for “Thru Traffic” Watch for signs for Parking Lot # 3: Bus, RV, and Trailer Parking. Lot 3 is free most time during the year. The only exception is during summer weekends when they may have an attendant at the lot. On these busy summer weekends, they will charge $10 for all-day parking. The lot is a 10-minute walk from the Goat Island attractions.

Niagara Falls State Park Lot #4. This parking lot is located at the  Schoelkopf Power Plant Ruins Site located at “Discovery Way, Niagara Falls, NY” This lot is always free. The Niagara Falls State Park Scenic Trolly, and the Discover Niagara Shuttle do make stops at this parking lot in season. You can also walk to Prospect Point and the Maid of the Mist, but it is a 10-15 minute walk.

Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino provide Free Parking. (I am not sure if you will have to go into the casino to validate the ticket for the ramp) There is a self-parking lot located at Seneca Square, which is free of charge. Alternatively, you can choose to park in the garage at 501 Niagara St., Niagara Falls, NY. Valet service is also available at a cost of $5. Valet parking is free for members of the Advantage and Pro-Social Club, Nation Members, Hotel Guests, and disabled guests.

There is no on-site parking available for RVs, Semi Trucks, Busses, or other oversized vehicles. Check the Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino website for current parking rules. The Maid of the Mist is a 15 Minute Walk from the Seneca Niagara Ramp on Niagara Street

Free Street Parking Locations to Try

  • You can try 6th St. south of the Seneca Niagara Casino,
  • 3rd Street North of Niagara St. ( But these are only 2 hr parking spots)
  • 4th through 8th streets North of Niagara St.
  • On 7th Street, there is a ReadyBike parking station; you might be able to grab a bike and ride back over to the Falls.

Hopefully, the parking options mentioned here will help you find convenient parking near Niagara Falls. If all else fails, some of the hotels close to the Falls offer parking for $20-30 dollars per day. Starting from the closest locations: Comfort Inn and Holiday Inn may have spots open for the public. Double Tree also has spots available most days but it is a bit of a hike.


How much does it cost to Park in Niagara Falls, NY?

Parking at Niagara Falls State Park Lot #1 and Lot #2 is $10 per day, Monday – Thursday, and $15 Friday- Sunday. Lot # 3 is $10 on weekends and free the rest of the week, and Lot #4 is Free year-round.

In the City of Niagara Falls, NY, City Lots are between $20 to $30 a day, and on-street metered parking is $5 per hour.

Is parking free at Niagara Falls NY?

-In Niagara Falls State Park, Parking Lot #4 at the Schoellkopf Power Plant Site is Free.
-Parking Lot #3 on Goat Island is free most days of the year (except on busy summer weekends they may charge $10 for all-day parking)

Most other parking lots around Niagara Falls, NY average between $10-$30 per day, and street parking is $5 per hour.

Where is the best place to park at Niagara Falls NY?

For the Maid of the Mist, the Observation Tower, and Prospect Point, Visitor Center Parking Lot #1 is the best parking lot ($10-$15 per day)

For Terrapin Point, Luna Island, Goat Island, and Cave of the Winds, use Parking Lot #2 on Goat Island Road ($10-$15) per day.